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Asian Sourcing, Procurement and Quality

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Our Asian sourcing, procurement and quality include:

  • Asian Sourcing and Procurement
  • Vendor Quality Management

Asian Sourcing and Procurement

Based on our Client's strategic goal, objectives, quality standards and our intimate industry knowledge and direct procurement experience, we act for our Clients by performing the sourcing and procurement management function in Asia.

Vendor Quality Management

We provide clients with vendor quality management services as an integral part of outsourcing and ongoing procurement support. These include but is not limited to:

  • Vendor pre-qualification audits e.g. ISO9001, AS9100, TS16949 or Client's prescribed in-house quality standards.
  • As part of vendor development, if pricing is cost prohibitive, perform Lean and cost mitigation action planning with vendor to successfully achieve price and quality objectives of Client.
  • Identify 2nd-tier vendors to meet product regulatory approvals e.g. NADCAP, ITAR.
  • Supply management, logistics delivery optimization, quality source inspection and production buy-off.

When Do You Use Us?

  • When you desire to establish a strong supplier base in Asia.
  • When you wish to avoid risks and associated pitfalls of dealing with illegitimate Asian businesses.
  • If you require sourcing and procurement expertise and experience in Asia without adding staff headcount.
  • If you require on-site vendor pre-qualification audits.
  • Vendor development in areas of quality culture, sourcing efficiency, manufacturing process and cost efficiency, delivery performance, in order to achieve pricing and quality objectives for outsourcing.
  • When you need to overcome product regulatory approvals arising from quality process requirements.
  • If you need a part-time vendor quality assurance resource stationed in Asia to perform 'First Article Inspection'  (FAI) and/or production quality buy-offs.
  • If you require close proximity on-call assistance to investigate any vendor quality related issues that may arise.
  • If you wish to avoid overloading current QA staff with frequent extensive long distance travels.

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